Social Media:


Growing up during the early age of information, Daniel has not only seen the evolution of Online Social Media (OSM) but has actively participated in one of the most primitive of OSM; Online Bulletin Boards (OBB). Much like Reddit works today, the early 90's OBB's allowed people to post a subject, while others were able to post responses to the original post. The only catch is one had to use a dial-up modem in order to interact with others on the bulletin boards, back in 1993.

The Online world rapidly began to flourish and soon enough, America Online, MSN, and Yahoo began to dominate the late 90's to the mid 00's. Daniel actively studies the OSM wars in real time, along with the evolution of SEO as Google took over the internet. Understanding how Online Social Media works with the people who use it today and will use it in the future are topics Daniel has taken seriously over the years.

Content Creator:

While watching the evolution of Online Social Media unfold before his very eyes, Daniel realized the number one commodity online is content. Real creative unique content is what everyone desires in this modern day, and monetizing is what many businesses want to do with the content. Because of this, Daniel knew he was going to have to submerge himself into the world of art and realize a pure form of content creation, without the help of any outside sources, if he wanted to make any sort of impact within online society. 

Being able to merely photograph other basic objects struck Daniel as mundane and entirely too common, so he started creating his own scenes with old rusty clock gears and 19th century coins. After a year or so of using the camera on his cellular phone, Daniel decided to purchase a Digital Camera and started his collection of lenses. Once mastering the digital camera, Daniel went back to photographing common basic objects and learned he had a talent for re-imagining entire scenes by way of form and light manipulation.


Although Photography and Online Social Media had both shown to be powerful entrepreneurial tools, Daniel started looking into ways to mix art with function, as a way of naturally creating unique content. Having an eye for interesting old objects, Daniel found himself neck-deep in the world of architectural salvage. 

Through the art of architectural salvage, Daniel has been able to bring his marketing abilities around full circle, by way of furniture design and providing unique materials to designers and contractors from all over the world. Daniel has also been featured in several articles, morning talk-show segments, and just recently finished working with a production company from The Food Network.


Who is Daniel Brown?